How to enter a show

The organisation invites everybody who creates AV-shows as a hobby to enter a show for the festival.

The authors are free to choose the theme for their shows.

All (technical) regulations for the festival and the entries can be downloaded here (pdf file).

An entry form must be filled out to enter the show. You can download the form here (pdf form).

There as no costs connected to entering a show for the festival.

The regulations of the festival also state the easiest way to send a show to us, by using Wetransfer (or a similar service). Send your show to
When your entry is more than 2 GB in size, you can contact Cuno Wegman for an upload link.

When you have questions regarding the entry of presentations or other technical issues, please contact Cuno Wegman via:

As the name already states, the AudioVisual Spring Festival is a festival, not a competition. The shows are not scrutinized by a jury and there are no awards to be won. The single goal is to please the audience.

When the sum of all entries exceeds the available time for projection, the organizing team will make a selection to ensure an entertaining program for the audience with as many flavours as possible.

All authors of the entries that are shown during the festival will recieve a certificate.

You can send us your entry up untill Saturday February 9, 2024!