Corona still rules the world...

The fifth edtion of the Spring Festival can not be held on the 13th of March year, due to the current restrictions.



When will we meet again?

We keep hope. There will be a next edition of the Spring Festival. We have reserved a new date, after the summer:

Saturday, September 4th 2021

Any updates will be published on this page.




53 entries from three countries landed on our doorstep! We are very happy with this outcome.
These shows come from The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

To us, this is the confirmation that many authors of AV Shows embrace the concept of the Spring Festival. This concept also results in a still growing number of visitors.

The drawback: we have to make a selection. We cannot show all these shows in one day.
The result: a massive amount of 34 shows will be presented during the four hours projection time of the Festival.

We would like to thank every author for entering his or her show.

This website provides all the information about the AudioVisual Spring Festival. The various themes are mentioned in the menu on top of this page. Up to the festival, the content of this website will be updated.

If the Dutch or German language is a problem for you, feel free to contact us in English:
We will provide the information you need in English.